The Songwriter Workshops

I conduct workshops devoted to writing songs, so I teach both lyrics and music, and what is most important, I put them together in a neat, logical and artistically convincing whole.

During the course four basic topics will be addressed:
How to select the theme of a song.
How to write stylistically and meaningfully correct texts.
How to write music.
How to create a song.

I leave the first topic without a detailed description. Each class, with a different group, can discover different points of interest, different expectations. In general, young people like to listen to love songs. It is worth starting with this.

The second topic is work from scratch. What are the rhymes, how to compose them (ABABAB, AABB, etc.), what is a proper diversification. We will check what role in the lyrics is played by repetitions and what happens if you sing "yeyeye"! In addition (with older students), we might deal with vulgarism, we will discuss whether, and if so, when vulgarisms are justified, we will discover words of intent. Generally, it will be a grammatically correct writing course, but most of all, it will be a course of pushing a broad theme into the song frame, which is always a short form of expression.

The third topic is song structure learning. What is a refrain and what is the verse, whether there are songs without refrain, what is a bridge and how important is its role in the song. We will talk about songs in which both the chorus and the verse are built on the same chords and songs with a complicated chord structure. We will talk about the ideal duration of the song, how much time should divide the beginning of the song from the first refrain and how it affects the chances of broadcasting the song on radio.

And finally the fourth theme, i. e. the composition - a logical, interesting, convincing artistically, melodious (or atonal) - textual and musical layer - that is, the creation of a fully-fledged song.

At this point you should often go back to the topics already discussed but, first of all, you should start working on the song, starting with the choice of music style. Creating, writing, fine-tuning and correcting a song is a process that can be tedious and time-consuming or quick and painless. Much depends on the attitude and selected topic.

Songwriting is such an extraordinary activity that her learning will easily fill the whole school year. The group should comprise a maximum of 6 people. After the presentation of the new topic we will devote three activities to its exercise and discussion in a group. During classes we will also discuss songs written by students themselves. That will be the most important part of our meetings. Learning how to write songs is supposed to be the key to independent creativity.

Individual classes with selected students are also possible (conditions to discuss).

I ran songwriting workshops in Poland - in Wyszków and Długosiodło, where I lived for several years, I am still conducting workshops as part of the police action "PaT" - dedicated to the prevention of addictions. I have a police certificate. I played over 600 concerts of addiction prevention. In the past I conducted individual and group workshops in Rhodes, Greece and Glarus, Switzerland, where I also lived. 

I think I found the key to understanding young people, also as a father of three daughters. Two of them followed in my footsteps, choosing music as their professional path.

I am a self-taught musician. This is my strength and the best way to convince young people that you can write a song yourself.

I wrote over 250 songs.

tel: +(48) 519 144 349

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