Prison Concerts


I have been already playing prophylactic concerts devoted to addictions (alcohol, drugs, violence) for more than ten years. I have performed more than 600 such concerts and workshops - in secondary schools, penitentiaries and detention centres as well as military units all over Poland. 

On 20th of  April 2013 I obtained a Police certificate. Here is what its creators write about the certificate: The certificate is a document awarded since 2009 by the Impresariat of the "Prevention and Theatre" programme to the most interesting prevention and artistic projects in Poland. The condition for receiving it is the implementation of a prophylactic project using the theatre tool. The activity should be carried out with direct or indirect participation of the Police. The certificate is an expression of appreciation for understanding the needs of prophylaxis and for its active promotion by the arts.

The current programme is entitled: "Knocking on Heaven's Door - songs of artists who have tragically passed away". Great fame in life and after a tragic death. Alcohol (Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix), drugs (Janis Joplin), cigarettes (Nat King Cole), fast cars (Marc Bolan), Aids (Freddie Mercury). This list is unfortunately endless. The concert is one big warning - even fame and money do not make immortal. And sometimes they simply kill. The programme of the concert also includes songs of tragically deceased artists - often still idols of young people. However, the fact that I play mainly my own songs bring uniqueness and credibility. My songs are not only a commentary on the threats I described, but above all, they show a clear path. I am convinced that a positive message works much better, stronger, as people subconsciously seek out positive patterns. One of my songs, entitled "I'm Free", crowns the concert in a beautiful way and its title speaks for itself. Concerts meet with a lively response from the audience, and conversations with educators prove how much they are needed.


I would like to present my concert activity under the motto "Songs of Dialogue". This is my initiative against hate speech.

Music is, especially for young people, the strongest carrier and spore of ideas. That is why I believe that reaching out to young people with a message of rejection of the language of hatred - should take place in the form of a concert. I checked and confirmed the effectiveness of this tool during over 600 concerts under the slogans Knocking the Gates to Heaven and Patriotism in Rock. For many years I have been playing concerts on important social issues - not only in schools, but also in military units and prisons. So I have the necessary experience in reaching out to both school children and environments manifesting pathological behaviour.

The programme of the "Songs of Dialogue" concert is filled with songs from all over the world, The concert is also a kind of self-esteem workshop - it is from its lack that aggression comes, to the greatest extent, The fact that during the concert I play a lot of my own songs adds to the authenticity of the concert, also remembering my own way of life. I lived in eight countries of the world, so I undoubtedly had to learn to "coexist peacefully" with people with absolutely different views and patterns.

tel: +(48) 519 144 349

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Photos: Dominik Malik, Piotr Obal, Jarosław Blusiewicz

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