Learn English through songwriting

English became my second language. For many years I've spoken English more often than Polish. I've written most of my songs in English. I've understood that language and I now how to build poetic lyrics in this language, if you know what I mean. 

I also have experience working with children. Apart from the fact that
I am the father of three daughters, I ran linguistic and musical workshops in Długosiodło and Wyszków, as well as on Rhodes and in Switzerland.

I lived in each of these places for several years. 

Linguistic-musical workshops are a mixture  of music workshops and learning English, adapted to the age of the participants.

We will write songs about the clouds and the Sun, Mum, Dad and beloved cat, but also about feelings - love, friendship and curiosity of the world.
It will be learning English in a natural way through fantastic fun!

Classes will be adjusted to the age of children in a given group, both in terms of song themes and the complexity of the melodic layer. In general,

I can conduct classes for both preschoolers and older children as well as for teenagers.

And I'm telling you - children gonna love it!

tel: +(48) 519 144 349

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Photos: Dominik Malik, Piotr Obal, Jarosław Blusiewicz

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